How To Make Expected Value Work In Your Favor?

casino’s favorWhen playing at online casino, it’s natural that you strive to win. Of course, you can’t possibly keep winning all the time, but it’s in your power to win more frequently.  Every gambling game has a pre-set expected value that works mostly in casino’s favor. By using simple tips, you can increase the possibility of your winning.

Counting Cards

Counting cards is one of the most popular ways of increasing expected value in your favor.  Those who play card games at brick-and-mortar casinos, know that it’s physically impossible for dealers to shuffle a pack of cards after every time they dealt it. The player can count cards, especially in blackjack. Remember that dealers have 8 packs of cards, only half of which are not actually used.

Large and reputable online casinos have powerful gaming software that can shuffle a pack of cards every time after the cards have been dealt. Thus they create so-called endless pack of cards. Some online casinos that use gaming software manufactured by Cryptologic use just a third out of eight packs of cards, which means a 33% cut.  Thus players can use card counting in order to make expected value work in their favor.

Tables with Live Dealers at Online Casinos

Another way of card counting is choosing a table with live dealers. Such tables use cameras that transmits high-definition picture to the player’s PC.  The player can see how a real dealer is dealing cards in a real brick-and-mortar casino. You can play blackjack with live dealers at William Hill casino.

Remember that technologies are developing all the time. On the web, you can find various software that can not only remember cards that left the game but also develop a strategy. Such programs count cards instead of the player and gives advice on how to change the strategy in order to increase expected value.

Applying special software and counting cards may turn out to be useless unless you know basic strategies used in a certain game.