Online roulette and slots – games for lucky!

The rules of these two games are very simple and easily understandable. Slots game as well as roulette games have been on top in almost every online casino. In this review you will find out every detail of slots and roulette gambling. Here you will learn the basics of these two games and get ready for a real game! You can play slots online and play online roulette on one of casinos given below!

How to play roulette?  

 There are several types of roulette games on the Internet – Casino: European (European roulette), French (French roulette), American Roulette (American roulette). French Roulette has a slightly greater chance of winning than the American roulette, as in the American roulette added additional cell – double zero. The emergence of virtual casinos, you can enjoy this exciting game, without leaving home. Playing Royal Crown Roulette online, you will feel the joy of victory, will feel the unforgettable atmosphere and excitement of this casino!

Slot machines are the most common gambling in the casino. Slot machine – the machine with three or more reels, reproduced in the rotation by pressing a button or lever. In modern devices drums replaced by video monitors, which controls the rotation of a special computer. These machines are called video slots. Initially slot machines were called “one-armed bandits”. This is a true nickname because they had the lever at the left side as well as for its ability to enrich the player or leave the poor without a penny in his pocket in a short time. Later, the lever has been replaced by the button on the front of the machine. Slot machine contains an electronic money receiver, which receives money for the game and verifies their authenticity, the type and dignity. The value of monetary compensation for a game is determined after the stop of drums and depends on a combination of characters, versions of which can be viewed on the graphical table located on the front side of the apparatus. Modern computer technology allows downloading multiple schemes and algorithms for the win for slot machines. Slot machine is the most popular form of gambling and brings about seventy percent of the total revenue to online casino . You can also play poker , blackjack, craps and many other games. We wish you luck!


The street is sometimes called the stream bet. The street bet is when a player is betting online that one of three numbers hits on the roulette wheel. Street is betting on a horizontal line with three numbers so it is sometimes called the row bet. The street bet has a 11 to 1 odds of payout. In a street bet, a player bets on 3 consecutive numbers of casino games. For example, a player bets on the numbers 10, 11, and 12, if any of the three hit, the player wins a payout.